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How it Works

Four Simple Steps

Set up Discussion

Start by creating a video or audio call based on your requirements. The call can either be a one-on-one discussion or a group discussion (Focus Group).

Invite People

Once a call is created, add the topic of discussion and the details of the people participating in the call by sending invites to them via email or SMS.

Manage Discussion

During the call, you can add instant polls and share files to create a deeper impact and gain more accurate insights. You can enlist the support of our experienced moderators and add a passive observer of choice. Or alternatively, you can also be actively involved in the call. The moderator has complete freedom to mute or unmute, and add or remove participants as required during the entire call.

Get Results

You can find all the recordings of your audio and video discussions in your dashboard. Further, you can save and export the transcripts of all your calls, and the results of all the polls and questions shared during the discussions as well. You have the option to derive actionable data using our tools or by enlisting the support of experienced professionals working with AvidViews.


Set-up a Discussion in Minutes

Set up discussions on AvidViews in minutes. Our dashboard has a very small learning curve.

Schedule Calls with Ease

Scheduling calls are as simple as picking a topic & adding the time and people to it.

Create Real-Time Polls

Float a poll anytime during the discussion on the screen and get results instantly.

Manage Participants

Mute, unmute, add, & remove participants as required. Ensure crucial topics don’t get lost.

Add Moderators and Observers

Add up to 2 observers and 3 moderators. Private communication with moderators is supported.

Share Real-time Media

Use audio, image, and video files during a call to break the shackles of communication.

Save and Export Transcripts

View, save & analyze the recordings & transcripts of all discussions through our dashboard.

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