Avidestal is a SaaS - based brand comprising of four consumer data-centric DIY products & one business-centric product.

Any user/business can subscribe and sign-up to any of the five products by choosing a plan of their choice. Aternatively, you can send an email to support@avidestal.com for their assistance in setting up the product for you. For Me-Grow, you can write to support@me-grow.com for the same.

There are five products, viz. AvidHub (could be used for Panel Management Solutions, Project Management Solutions, Customer Engagement Solutions-cum-Campaign Management Solutions & Monetization Solutions) AvidViews (could be used for Online Qualitative Solutions, Sentiment Analysis using Facial Coding, Heat Mapping via Eye Tracking & Audio/Video Conferencing), AvidCircle (could be used for Online Brand Communities, Private Communities & Community Engagement), AvidIntelli (could be used for Online Survey Creation, Feedback System Management & Data Collection along with Real-time Results) & Me-Grow (could be used by businesses for understanding their customers & building strategies accordingly)

Since the individual's or businesses' specific product requirements might differ, sign-up is required for all five products individually. We do not wish for any of our subscribers to unnecessarily pay for the services they don't need under the name of single subscription.

All our new users can avail free trials as specified for every product. In case of any issues regarding the same, you can write to support@avidestal.com

Yes, all five products are DO IT YOURSELF; however, you may write to suppot@avidestal.com for any issues related to AvidViews, AvidIntelli, AvidHub & AvidCircle. For Me-Grow, please contact support@me-grow.com

Yes, you can use all or each one that fits your business requirements.

No, subscription transfer from one product to another is not allowed.

We accept all digital modes of transactions (Payment Integration is in process currently. Please write to support@avidestal.com for any payment related query for now)

No, credit card details are not required for a free trial or sign up.

We are offering free trials of every product to everyone, irrespective of the business type/size/sector. However, if you are looking for any specific/custom plan, you can write to support@avidestal.com

Yes, you may cancel the subscription anytime you want for four out of the five available products - AvidViews, AvidIntelli, AvidCircle & AvidHub. All your services shall be stopped for your account after cancellation. However, for Me-Grow, please read the refund & cancellation policy from here https://me-grow.com/refund-cancellation/

We have different free trial plans for each product with their respective features. More details could be checked in the pricing section of the products individually.

Yes, free trials can be availed for all the five products. Please check the plan before subscribing as it is different for every product.

Details of all the free trial plans are outlined under the respective pricing section of each product. Please check the products page for information.

Access to products ceases & you need to subscribe to the product(s) for further usage.

No, the free trial period can't be extended as our current free trial plans offer enough time period for you to be able to know our product.

No, the transfer of the free trial period from one product to another is not allowed.

If you have forgotten your password, please go to the login page and click on “Forgot your password?”. A reset code will be sent to your registered email, which enables you to create a new password. If the email does not arrive, please check your spam/junk folder.

Email address can't be changed for the products AvidViews, AvidIntelli, AvidHub & Avidcircle directly. But you can write to support@avidestal.com for redressal in such cases. For Me-Grow, you can go to your account details and edit it from there. A verification code will be sent for confirmation of the same. Post successful verification, your email address would be changed.

If any user wants to modify/delete its details with us, they can send an email to support@avidestal.com or dpo@avidestal.com with 'Delete/Modify Details' in the subject line. Our DPO shall promptly act and address the concern. This site contains links to other sites. Avidestal Technologies is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.

Yes, it is limited, as indicated in your billing.

You can write to support@avidestal.com for any invoice-related queries.

Yes, multiple access is allowed under selective pricing plans.

We have implemented organizational and technical safeguards to secure our users' data in compliance with GDPR requirements. Our users' data is pseudonymized when stored and further encrypted if it is being transferred.

We comply with GDPR & all other international privacy policy regulations. We do not give, sell, or otherwise transfer your personal information to third parties without your prior consent. Your data will remain entirely confidential.

All surveys that are sent out through Avidestal exchange network are checked to ensure:

  1. correct implementation of re-directs
  2. appropriate logic in the survey
  3. correct set up of quotas
  4. whether or not there are any personal, sensitive or illegal questions being asked
  5. whether or not panelists can choose a ‘prefer not to answer’ option with any income or ethnicity questions
  6. overall general quality before proceeding with fieldwork. If any of these points are not in compliance with Avidestal’s quality standards, the survey is not launched.

The level of survey activity scores all panelists. If a score drops to a certain agreed level, panel owners can use this scoring system to clean their panels automatically. Our security measures and quality assurance efforts eradicate the common problems associated with sampling. Avidestal uses respondent records to regularly identify and remove/disqualify fraudulent panelists from the platform. We also have multi-tiered automated data checks to ensure high quality of data.

Yes, this is done to enhance your experience. Please be assured that your data is safe & secured with Avidestal Technologies.

Our products are DIY, but for technical issues, there is support during business hours.

Yes, please write to support@avidestal.com for any such requirements for the products AvidViews, AvidIntelli, AvidHub & AvidCircle. For Me-Grow, you can write to support@me-grow.com

Yes, you can choose and book a demo for any product by filling up this form here https://www.avidestal.com/book-a-demo

It will be made available shortly. For now, please book a demo.

Avidestal handles panelist micropayments through gift cards. We have plans to integrate other incentive platforms as well in near future. The delivery of the payments is offered both in automated and manual mode.

AvidViews is a next-gen audio/video conferencing research tool. We have both a web platform and an Android app for it. You can download it from here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avidestal.avidviews. To learn more about the product & its working, download the product manual from here https://www.avidestal.com/product-manuals

Don't worry! We will NOT disconnect or cut the call if all your calling minutes are used during an ongoing call. Additional minutes for that call will not be charged. However, you will not be able to create the next call until you get a paid subscription.

AvidViews is a platform built for market research, online focus group discussions and In-depth Interviews. You can have an audio or a video call with anyone who has access to a laptop or a smartphone. It is easy to set up, schedule, and manage all your calls in one login. You can use features like auto-recording and auto-transcription along with other features like sentiment analysis, heat mapping, eye tracking etc.

You can start an impromptu call or schedule the meeting as per your requirement. Fill the required details to create the call such as title, time zone and so on, and save the meeting to schedule it later. Share the meeting link either directly or via Google calendar, Yahoo calendar and Outlook calendar (.ics format).

AvidIntelli is an intelligent survey & insights tool that can help you build and launch surveys on your own, customized as per your specific requirements. It gives you multiple questions and logic types, including image/video-based questions, coupled with ease of questionnaire customization and real-time survey status tracking, data collection, and results. In addition, you can choose your audience from your panels or use our proprietary consumer panel.

Yes, AvidIntelli has numerous profiled consumers in India. You can target your audience precisely.

Yes, you can. AvidIntelli has a wide range of share options through which you can share your survey with your audience. Such as, you can get a unique or single link share, or you can connect your app or website and post surveys there directly. You can also upload a set of databases with email ids or phone numbers and send the surveys via email or SMS, or you can connect your social media platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., to share the survey link on your feed.

Yes, You require zero to minimal assistance while creating your community since AvidCircle is a completely easy-to-use DIY product. You can start creating your community by filling up the details such as title, category, etc., and add members to it. For detailed steps, you can download the Product Manual & follow the instruction provided. If you require any further assistance, you can write to us at support@avidestal.com.

AvidCircle is an online community tool for building a brand network by profiling individuals, tracking activities, managing queries and accounts and engaging members with various activities like surveys, group discussions, polls etc. You can also add media files to your posts to maintain an even more active and healthy environment in the group.

Yes. If you want you can give rewards to your community members. You will have full authority to build & manage your reward system as per your wish. You can track all the redeemed rewards from the community members, due payments for the reward vouchers etc. Under Reward History.