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Online qualitative Research Solutions to conduct online FGDs & IDIs easily

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Next-Gen Online Qualitative Solutions

Sentiment Analysis using Facial Coding

Heat Mapping via Eye Tracking

Audio/Video Conferencing

How it Works

Four Simple Steps

Set up Discussion

Start by creating a video or audio call based on your requirements. The call can either be a one-on-one discussion or a group discussion (Focus Group). Add up to 16 people in a call, including a maximum of 3 moderators & 3 backroom participants/clients, 9 participants, and 1 translator. Clients can view the entire discussion and converse with Moderators without Respondents or other people knowing about their presence. You can save and schedule meetings via Google calendar, Outlook calendar, or yahoo calendar.

Add Polls & Media

Once the call is created, add the polls to ask during the discussion call if needed. There are five types of poll questions- single, multiple, image selection, and rating. Add media files in video or image format to showcase during the call. You can also choose to switch on emotional analysis and eye-tracking features.

Manage Discussion

During the call, you can add instant polls and share files for engagement. Conduct Ad sentiment analysis using facial coding and plot heat mapping via eye-tracking. You can take multiple actions like mute, unmute, add or remove participants during the call. Furthermore, conduct concepts or product tests before the launch.

Get Results

Get real-time results to analyze and act better with:

  • Auto-recording files
  • Sentiment Analysis Results
  • Eye Tracking Results
  • Audio Transcript

Furthermore, you can save and export the transcripts of all your calls as well as the results of all the polls and questions shared during the discussions.

To see a detailed description of how our product works, download the Product Manual.


Join on the Go

Responses via our app and easy web access without separate installation

Backroom Participants

Add any number or combination of users

Halt discussions

For free exchange of thoughts between moderators & clients during the call without participants’ knowledge

In-call Polls/Questions

Float a poll anytime during the discussion and get real-time results


Access to all the conversation details for deeper analysis


Export the transcripts after the call ends

Share Real-time Media

Use image, audio and video files during a call to break the shackles of communication

Manage Participants

Mute, unmute, add, & remove participants as required. Ensure crucial topics don’t get lost

Authority Transfer

Transfer the control of the call to the other moderator seamlessly during discussion

Schedule Call

Save, schedule or share meeting links either directly or via Google calendar, Outlook calendar (with .ics file), Yahoo calendar

Impromptu Call

Create a call instantly and share the link with participants

Multiple Invitee Type

Add up to 16 participants type (3 moderators, 3 clients, 9 respondents, 1 Translator)

Accessibility, Accuracy & Applicability

A Product Built to Address Business Challenges
while working remotely.

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Meeting Minutes per month 40 mins/day* 30 mins/day* 400 mins/month 800 mins/month
Recording minutes per month 40 mins NA 400 mins/month 800 mins/month

*Free minutes are subject conditions basis daily usage * All cost shown are exclusive of taxes

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