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An inteliigent survey & insights tool for you to create, manage and track survey research insights in real-time

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Use our Product for

Online Survey Creation

Feedback System Management

Data Collection & Real time Results

How it Works

Four Simple Steps

Build a Survey

Create a questionnaire in just 4-5 clicks or upload a formatted questionnaire, and AI will create survey questions automatically. You have the flexibility to choose from 11 types of questions and 8 complex logic types based on survey needs. You can also include questions based on images, videos, and audio files.

Choose Audience & Launch Method

Choose the survey launch method by defining your target audience from 2.2Mn consumers integrated with the product, use or share the link to the target audience, integrate the app or website, and push surveys to your traffic.


Modify the survey to visually appeal to your target audience and change the end message with a better conclusion.


Get the survey overview of each of the questions and download them as well. View the frequencies by either surveys or questions to analyze and understand what most respondents think.

To see a detailed description of how our product works, download the Product Manual.


Plug-in Media Files

Create interactive surveys by adding elements such as images, videos, and audio files.

Question Types

Develop questions for your survey from 12 question types.

Survey Logic

Choose from 8 survey logic to ensure you get what you want from the target audience.

SEC Based Questions

Our unique offering that allows questions on Socio-Economic Classification of Consumers.

Quota Management

Narrow the funnel of your target audience by selecting geography, gender, age, etc.

Integrated Consumer Panel

Get away from the hassle of the survey completes by using our proprietary consumer panel.

SDK/API Integration

Integrate your website or app to push surveys to your traffic.

Schedule Survey Launch

You know your target audience better, hence schedule the survey launch when you think to get more responses.

Multiple Launch Options

Get access to unlimited options, like, buy a sample, generate a link, share through SMS, Email, Social Media, and your website or app users.

Theme Customization

Make the survey visually appealing to your target audience.

Feedback Collection

Let your users send feedback if they face any issue or have any suggestion.

Survey Automation

Upload an AI formatted questionnaire and AI will create survey questions automatically along with few instruction logic.

Customize End Page

Customize the survey end page message and add footer notes.

Real-time Result

Track the survey and collect the results in real-time

Manage Survey

Activate, pause, delete, preview, or duplicate the survey for better control

You don’t need to be a researcher
to do research

A product to Develop, Disseminate, and Diagnose surveys.

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Survey completes per month 50 50 2000 5000
Email inivites per month 50 NA 1000 5000
SMS invites per month (India) 50 NA 1000 5000
SMS invites per month (Global) NA NA 500 1000

* All cost shown are exclusive of taxes

360° Insights.
Multiple Capabilities. Five Products.

Maximum Impact. One Platform.

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