Well-established cosmetic company uses AvidIntelli to Conduct Product and Ads Testing Studies

The Client

An FMCG Company with New Skin Care Product Line

Their Problem

The client's new product line was not performing as expected, and the management couldn't decide if the bad performance should be attributed to a poor product or to bad marketing. They needed consumer-backed data before proceeding with damage control for the product line.

Their Goal(s)

To understand customer perception regarding the product and the marketing of the product. To test future ads and concepts in the pipeline to avoid further errors. To understand the competition in the market basis the insights from the existing as well as potential customers.

Our Solution

The client contacted Avidestal and enlisted its assistance in completing two projects through AviIntelli - the DIY survey tool. The goal of the first project was to understand customer awareness (existing and potential) of new product lines and the products' competition in the market. The second project was for testing new ad campaigns, which helped them to gauge the ad effectiveness among the real audience. The client collected over 5000 completes from an audience of their choice for these two projects.

Their Success

The client understood that while their ad performance was good enough, it was not reaching a specific set of audiences due to its message. This data helped the client revise and make minor changes to the campaign to make it reach a larger audience. Additionally, the client was able to infer that the pricing model adopted had to be tweaked to beat their competition. Post the initial launch of these two projects, the client continues to run regular feedback questionnaires to keep track of changing patterns and competition.


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