Experienced Photographer with Entrepreneurial Flair Launches Surveys to Gather Feedback on Mobile App

The Client

A Creative Design Agency (Start-up/Freelancer)

Their Problem

The client had to satisfy two distinct sets of people to create the portal she envisioned - the photographers and their potential customers. She wanted to collect information from both sets of people before deciding on the platform features. This proved to be more challenging than initially envisioned as she was working alone and had a hard time connecting with her busy customers at a time of their convenience.

Their Goal(s)

To have a specific set of questions answered by the photographers and their potential clients to understand the general business landscape and gain a deep understanding of specific pain points that made it difficult for both photographers and their potential clients to close deals.

Our Solution

AvidIntelli, a DIY Insights Tool, was the answer to create surveys for both audiences i.e. photographers and their customers. With AvidIntelli, the client was able to create a survey of 30+ questions with complex logic and question types. The client was also able to leverage the usage of the option 'SEC questions' to maintain quota distribution basis the SEC segmentation.

Their Success

The client received 100+ responses from her own list of professional photographers across various cities. She also collected responses from AvidIntelli's in-house panel for 500+ targeted respondents who could be potential clients. Through the responses received, the client got a clear perspective of an app capable of catering to the needs of both parties. The client also understood that travel, candid, pre-wedding, and traditional photographers had the highest demand in the market.


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