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Four Simple Steps


Convert your audience into panelists by precisely targeting and recruiting them as loyal members. In case you have a panel or a group of people already, import them within minutes. Moreover, you can continue building your panel after importing your existing members. In a nutshell, you can either Create or Import, or do both.


Categorize your consumer base into smooth & manageable segments based on 200+ available attributes. Target the one that you wish at your discretion and receive specific insights for each section of your consumers.


Effectively engage with your consumers through our multi-pronged engagement model via any channel of your convenience – Email, SMS, Push Notifications, or WhatsApp Messages. Send surveys and polls to your consumers and give them instant gratification in exchange for their time & feedback.


Analyze your consumers through Custom Reports, Customer Journey Map & Data Visualization.

Custom Reports: Prepare and export reports with custom fields. Cross-tabulate data that is available with consumer profiles to understand consumer behavior better.

Define Target

Delineate & select your right set of audience for the project. Whether the audience is easy or hard to reach, you can check and decide all of that here.

Audience Configuration

Select the quota and profile your audience based on your project requirement. Combine open, private, and proprietary panel/community exchanges to achieve complex sample configurations.

Collect Responses

Launch your project & start collecting qualified responses. Accumulate high-quality responses at scale and derive insights.


Analyze your results in real-time. Connect the profile & survey data to gain actionable insights on the fly.


Install our lightweight SDK into your app/website and start turning your users into your trusted members. Increase your engagement rate as well.

Launch Surveys

Push relevant & non-intrusive surveys to your members and get completes from them and reduce your bounce rate.


Give proper incentives to your members/users for each of the completes achieved. The nature of the incentive is entirely at your discretion.

Get Monetized

Every successful complete earned by your members/users lets you earn more. Make all your efforts count and continue building your users/members & increase your monetization amount.


Build your customer base using our Campaign Management or import the database.


Know your customers better by profiling them on various attributes, understanding their social behavior, and segmenting them further for crafting better marketing strategies based on their stage in the consumer funnel.


Set up campaigns across channels & view the KPIs in real-time – follow a centralized data approach for your multi-channel campaigns and evaluate campaign performance.


Better your ROAS/ROI by analyzing metrics that matter. Get real-time results of your campaign, understand consumer trends, NPS, Sentiment Ratio, et al.



All in One App, Use our app to manage multiple survey panels with ease of access

Loyalty Management

Set up engagement and incentive channels in a few clicks. Instantly gratify members.

Omni-channel Engagement

Send communique to your members through Email, SMS, App, Desktop & social channels.

Data Visualization

Check real-time results for your projects & campaigns.

Instant Poll

Conduct a quick survey to engage and collect results in real-time.

Ticket Management

Track and manage inquiries for better customer support.

Automated Quality Checks

Get your responses checked through multi-modal verification, device fingerprinting, IP De-duplication.

Social Behavior Tracker

Connect with your customers & understand their behavior in terms of social habits & spending patterns.

Custom Recruitment & Engagement

Understand & analyze your most effective engagement, marketing, and sales channels.

Customer Journey Maps

Use our AARRR model to identify loopholes at all digital touch-points effectively.

Referral Management

Easily identify and manage these people to improve the final leg of your sales funnel.

Advanced Profiling Techniques

Profile your people based on 200+ attributes & incentivize them for the same.

Manage your Panel/Consumers Better,
Engage at every digital touch-point,
Get the ROI Boost

A Product Built to address pain points of businesses handling a
large set of consumers.

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Panel Size/Consumer Base Unlimited Unlimited Up to 25,000 members Up to 75,000 members
Panel/Community Type open open Private Private
Standard Panel/Community Management Module
Whitelabelled Web Portal X
Co-Branded App X
Advanced Recruitment Model X
SDK for Panelist/Consumer engagement X X X
Robust Engagement Model X
Promotional Activities X
Custom bonus /Activities X
Connect Social Channel X X X
Quick Poll X
Monetization X X
Access engaged consumer audiences X
Quota and Supplier Management Modules X
Invite Audience from your own Panel/Community X $0.06 $0.08 $0.07
Invite Audience from an AvidHub managed Panel/Community X Standard Rate Card* Standard Rate Card* Standard Rate Card*
Email X X 20000 50000
SMS X X 15000 25000
App Notification X Unlimited 50000 100000
Desktop Notification X Unlimited 50000 100000
Quick Poll X 5,000 Responses 10,000 Responses 20,000 Responses
Email X $1.23 $1.15 $1.05
SMS X $2.30 $2.20 $2.10
App Notification X X $1.50 $1.25
Desktop Notification X X $1.50 $1.25
Quick Poll X $5 $5 $4
Additional Panelists (Double opted in) X X $2 $2

* Additional charges apply ** Coming soon

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