A Software Company identified potential customers for their product with advanced profiling techniques of AvidHub

The Client

A Software Company

Their Problem

The Company already had a product to be launched in the market, but they didn’t know who their target customer was.

Their Goal(s)

To see the product fit in the market-by-market segmentation and identify the potential customers for the product.

Our Solution

We suggested one of our products AvidHub, which has more than 200,000 panel members, for their need to find customers for their product. We asked our client about their product specifications like features, price and functionality to understand what they had to offer to potential customers. Our advanced profiling techniques based on 200+ attributes enabled us to target the customers precisely.

Their Success

The client was satisfied with the customer segmentation. With precise targeting, they got to know details about their customers such as demographics, geography, willingness to pay et al. This helped them position their product in the market and more importantly, they received favourable responses from the targeted customers.


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