E-Commerce Company uses AvidHub to Improve Customer Retention through a Great Rewards Program

The Client

An E-Commerce Company

Their Problem

The Company was able to generate very healthy website traffic of more than 10,000 visitors per day, but they were facing serious challenges in retaining them.

Their Goal(s)

To build customer loyalty and develop a good reward program wherein the website users are retained and monetized.

Our Solution

AvidHub offers the opportunity to convert the website traffic into verified members that can be further engaged through online surveys to capture the feedback about the products on clients' websites and ways the experience could be improved. Not just this, the instant gratification feature of AvidHub can help the company to work on a robust & automated reward program.

Their Success

The client was happy to see the profiling application of AvidHub, which helped them profile the website users and, after getting their feedback, craft strategies based on the likings and tastes of the users. The website footfall had started to show sales conversion and repeat purchases. In fact, the sales conversion had increased by 1.5x in the first month of AvidHub integration.


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