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Convert your audience into panelist by precisely targeting and recruiting them as a loyal member. In case, you have a panel or a group of people, already, just import them within minutes. Moreover, you can continue building your panel after importing your existing members. In a nut-shell, you can either Create or Import, or do both.


Categorize your consumer base into easy & manageable segments based on 200+ available attributes. Target the one that you wish at your discretion and receive specific insights for each section of your consumers.


Effectively engage with your consumers through our multi-pronged engagement model via any channel of your convenience – Email, SMS, Push Notifications or WhatsApp Messages. Send surveys and polls to your consumers and give them instant gratification in exchange for their time & feedback.


Analyze your consumers through Custom Reports, Customer Journey Map & Data Visualization

Custom Reports: Prepare and export reports with custom fields. Cross-tabulate data that is available with consumer profiles to understand consumer behaviour better.


White Labeled Solution

Integrate our API or SDK to your business website or app to complement your capabilities.

Customer Journey Maps

Use our AARRR model to effectively identify loopholes at all digital touch points.

Social Media Approach

Connect with your customers through our social media tool to post, measure, and analyze.

Social Behavior Tracker

Understand consumer behavior in terms of social habits and spending patterns.

Custom Recruitment & Engagement

Understand & analyze your most effective engagement, marketing, and sales channels.

Instant Gratification

Set up engagement and incentives channels with a few clicks. Instantly gratify members.

Data Protection & GDPR compliant

User data safety is important to us & all our practices are in-line with GDPR guidelines.

Advanced Profiling Techniques

Profile your people based on 200+ attributes. You can incentivize them for the same.

Referral Management

Easily identify and manage these people to improve the final leg of your sales funnel.

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