Revamping Survey Research & Data Collection


As a brand, having multiple questions for a deep understanding of your market, customers, competition etc. is your key to success. Conducting research to find answers to those questions is the correct course of path to take for progress. Research is an integral part of every strategy-building process & constitutes to be one of the deciding factors for future courses of action.

Getting direct feedback from customers is not only one of the fastest but also one of the most effective methods of research to form business strategies. But this virtual world has put more than one roadblock in the way. The hassle of building, launching, and getting the necessary survey completes poses an unnecessary obstruction and hampers the research process. Relying on third parties for research requirements might seem like a quick solution in the short term, but it is not a long-lasting one. The time, cost, and labour involved in it hinder what could have been a very smooth process.

Today's new normal encourages forward-looking methods for businesses that give quick real-time results for deeper analysis and deriving invaluable insights to adapt to the modern business environment.

Using a digital product for survey research has both pros and cons. But hey! What doesn't have both?

What’s new in the market!

Considering the business needs of the current business environment, market research companies are developing and coming up with new-age intelligent online survey products like AvidIntelli, an online survey creation & data collection product from Avidestal. It helps businesses with hassle-free survey creation with no coding knowledge, feedback collection & management, survey launch, sample feasibility, quota management, data collection & real-time results.

AvidIntelli is a next-gen digital & interactive DIY product for survey creation and dissemination. A product built to enhance & enrich the overall experience of researchers across the globe. With its Panel Capabilities and DIY Survey Programming module, it allows you to not only create surveys in simple steps but also launch them through various channels. You can share the survey link with your own audience/stakeholders or choose an audience from its large pool of proprietary panels. It enables capturing & analyzing real-time feedback for enhanced accuracy of your research findings.

Some notable features:

  1. SEC-based Questions (for India only) – Our unique feature allows you to include questions based on the Socio-Economic Classification of Consumers.
  2. Integrated Consumer Panel – You can use our proprietary consumer panel to get away from the hassle of getting the survey completes.
  3. Survey Automation – Upload a questionnaire & AI will create survey questions automatically and launch it for an effortless experience.
  4. Quota management – Narrow down the funnel of your target audience by selecting geography, gender, age etc.
  5. 12 Question Types – Multiple questions for you to get precise and desired feedback per your requirements.
  6. 8 Survey Logic Types – Get quality insights with the help of multiple logic types & ease your data collection process.
  7. Real-time Results – For you to track your surveys and view results in real-time for quick analysis and prompt strategy building.

Launch theme-based customized surveys for rich user experience. AvidIntelli also gives you a sneak peek into the cost estimation while creating the survey. Therefore, you can plan and manage capital spending accordingly. Collect real-time data easily and derive insights without any hassle. Make more personalized strategies and enhance your customer experience.

AvidIntelli provides you with a much easier & technologically advanced method of conducting research. Digitalize your research process and remove redundancies with our intelligent survey research product.

You don't need to be a researcher to do research. Drive your research surveys on your own and as per your terms. If you believe you have requirements for such market research solutions and want to accurately bridge the customer experience gap, please visit www.avidestal.com to know more about AvidIntelli and book a demo or check out success stories to see it for yourself.