Online Qualitative Research – A new way of market research?


Businesses have been giving very high importance to market research when it comes to effective business operations & strategy building. Especially in today's business environment, brands need to be extremely agile & responsive to meet customer & business demands. Traditionally, market research has been a very costly process that requires a lot of manual efforts to be conducted efficiently.

Let's be honest, shall we? Market research might be a cost & labor-intensive process, but it is necessary for every business. But what is not necessary is following those age-old norms to conduct research. Especially after the COVID outbreak, virtual has become the new reality, and all of us as a brand need to adapt and fit in with this 'new normal'. It is high time to switch to new-age research methodologies & carry out your market research process in a SMART way.

How? Let's deep dive and learn how we can do that.

AvidViews - A Next-gen Online Qualitative Research Suite

In this 'new-normal' inflicted by Covid-19, online qualitative research has become a necessity and is looked upon by all sorts of businesses. Market research companies, specifically, are in need of improved online research tools like AvidViews from Avidestal Technologies.

AvidViews, a product by Avidestal Technologies, is a next-gen DIY online qualitative research solution that is designed & developed to fulfill all your qualitative research needs. It is a technologically advanced and forward-looking product to assist you in efficiently conducting online FGDs/IDIs. Some of the notable features are –

  • Backroom Participants – As a client, listen & analyze your respondents' feedback as a backroom participant privately from behind the screen, without their knowledge of your presence.
  • Sentiment Analysis through Facial Coding – Read through your respondent's minds and know when they hide their actual emotions through Sentiment Analysis.
  • Heat Mapping via Eye-tracking – Know what part of your ad catches the most attention and get an in-depth analysis of the same with the help of heat mapping.
  • 3-level Access – Add up to 16 members and assign specific levels of access to them as per their role in the discussion (Moderators, Clients & Participants).
  • Auto Recording & Transcription – Record the discussion and get access to all the conversation details for deeper analysis. You can also export the transcripts after the call ends.
  • Authority Transfer between Members – Transfer the control of the call to the other moderator in between and carry out the discussion seamlessly.
  • In-call Polls & Media Sharing – Use image, audio, and video files during a call to break the shackles of communication. Float a poll anytime during the discussion and get real-time results.

Unearth the deeper meaning behind complex human emotions during your online qualitative research. Gauge & analyze your respondents' sensory inputs & understand every intricate detail. Revamp your research methods and understand your customers better with our help. Get real-time results & derive deep and valuable insights for constructive strategy building.