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How it Works

Four Simple Steps

Create a Questionnaire

Create a questionnaire in just 4-5 clicks & you have the flexibility to choose from 12 types of questions and 8 complex logic based on survey need. You can also include multiple audio-visual elements such as videos, images, and audio files to improve survey questionnaire quality.

Select Target Audience & Launch

You can select your target audience based on 200+ attributes. Use this feature to screen your respondents and accept only the ones who clear the criteria set by you, the survey creator. Once you have completed your questionnaire design, you get a simple link which you can both share with friends & family and obtain responses.

Track Survey

You can cap the number of completes you receive from specific segments of the respondent pool to derive a well-balanced and unbiased result, or as required. We know how important it is, to get quality responses/feedback and hence we also provide you with the option to set restrictions to reject rushers and straight-liners.

Analyze Data

Download data in Code & Label Formats: The feedback received could be analyzed further after downloading them in code & label formats.

Tabulate Data: View the frequencies by either surveys or questions to analyze and understand what the majority of the respondents think. Test concepts and ads or obtain feedback, how you utilize our versatile tool is up to you.


Create Surveys in 4-5 Clicks

With our simple tool, create surveys in minutes. No knowledge of survey programming needed.

Interactive Dashboard

View the details of all your draft, active, and closed projects on our interactive dashboard.

Responsive Survey Design

Surveys created on AvidIntelli are compatible with a large number of screens and browsers.

Export and Analyze Insights

Analyze and export project data in a multitude of formats per your convenience.

Extensive Targeting Options

Demographics, buying habits, behavior - you choose your respondents from 200+ attributes.

ESOMAR-compliant Sample Providers

AvidIntelli subscription gives you access to a large ESOMAR-compliant consumer pool.

Plug-in Media Files

Create interactive surveys by adding elements such as images, videos, and audio files.

Cost Effective Completes

Receive survey completes for as little as USD 0.5 from a targeted respondent pool.

Quick Response Rate

With our swift-turnaround times, receive as many as 500 responses in a single day.

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