Sentiment Analysis using Facial Coding

Sentiment analysis using Facial Coding is a technology that is one of the most salient techniques; being used in the video conferencing market. It had been exclusive to the Avidestal brand for a long time which let the users gain more detailed and accurate observations and insights.

Use this function to achieve the following:

  • Track the true emotions of your respondents to get a better picture of their recorded observations.
  • Using facial coding, you can garner more in-depth qualitative research for Ad testing, Product, or concept testing.
  • Record the respondents' interest levels in a quantifiable form to apply statistical derivations to take your business to the next level.
  • Get the results of Sentiment Analysis in graphical format depicting different levels of moods of respondents moments after the call gets over.
Gauge and analyze your respondents' sentiments & emotions during the discussion to understand their non-verbal inputs for detailed insights