Panel Management Solutions

With Avidestal Technologies, getting started with your panel and maintaining it is as simple as creating an email account and sending emails. We have simplified panel recruitment and management and made sure that the learning curve to master our platform is as small as possible.

On our powerful, feature-rich platform, we provide you with the capability to:

  • Track the source and quality of your recruitment campaigns.
  • Build a triple-opted-in panel.
  • Segment your members based on 200+ profiling attributes.
  • Selectively engage with your panel based on your project needs through multiple channels.
  • Connect with your panelists on social media to improve brand engagement.
  • Instantly incentivize your respondents or set a minimum redemption threshold.
  • Build customer journey maps to identify pain points in your business and take data-backed business decisions.
Manage your people, panels and campaigns easily - all at one place. recruit panel or import your existing panel and engage with them effectively