Monetization for Developers/Publishers

Avidestal provides a platform for developers and publishers to create awareness about their apps and websites and increase engagement rate with their target demographic. Made for developers by developers, our multifunctional platform, coupled with the bleeding edge technology already in place, provides them with the ability to grow to their maximum potential.

The following capabilities best highlight what this function brings to the fore:

  • Integrate your app/website with our light and smooth SDK to take your platform to the next level.
  • Increase customer engagement rate by incentivizing and rewarding as you develop your app/website with accurate feedback information through your polls and surveys.
  • Track your campaigns and get real-time updates and visualizations of your projects.
  • Understand your app/website’s user behavior on feature and content. Find out what they need and adjust your platform according to their needs.
  • Get monetized for every complete that you get to ensure monetization optimization.
Reward your customers for their invaluable responses and increase your engagement and response rates for your survey & poll research