Feedback System Management

Our Product gives a holistic approach towards feedback management, right from easily programming surveys in different question types and with various survey logic to sample feasibility and launch. The unique SEC based questions and the integrated panel makes it easy for users to gain valuable feedback from their target audience.

The capabilities of our Feedback System Management tool are given below as follows:

  • Create surveys and questionnaires easily in just 4-5 clicks without any difficulties.
  • Several preset format forms are available. If you want to customize it further, then we offer that function as well with white-labelled solutions exclusive to your brand and its theme.
  • Our feedback system allows files such as images, gifs, audio, and video to be shared and displayed.
  • Our wide net of question-types and logic-types lets you record more detailed quantifiable information to analyze.
Collect feedback in real-time and get quality insights with the help of our unique offerings like integrated consumer panel, SEC-based questions, quota management etc.