Customer Journey Mapping

A customer journey map contains the journey your consumer takes, right from the initial awareness regarding your product to the final purchase. It provides information about your customers in different parts of the marketing funnel and helps you identify pain points and fallout areas. You can use this data to strategically direct your marketing and sales budget to strengthen your weaknesses and plug any inefficiencies.

Our customer journey mapping tool provides your data regarding:

  • Channels through which your customers find you and which are more effective.
  • The individual ROI for all your promotional activities and campaigns.
  • Understand which of your customers are coming back with repeat orders and replicate it with other customers.
  • Emerging channels with the capability to fast-track sales and multiply revenue.
  • Customer churn and ways to plug it before you begin burning your money.
  • Who are the customers promoting your brand through word-of-mouth and how to incentivize more to follow suit.
  • What is the general brand perception among your consumers and how to improve it.
Connect and engage with your panel members at every digital touchpoint and analyse all the loopholes & gaps in your campaigns