Build Online Brand Communities

Build & engage a private or brand community through our Product, AvidCircle. The following capabilities best describe how you can undertake the solutions to any online community management issues:

The capabilities of our Feedback System Management tool are given below as follows:

  • Create a connection with your consumers from scratch or by importing your current database on our platform in a smooth and seamless transition.
  • Listen to your consumers actively or passively, and the feature-loaded Product comes with a video, image-based engagement, and emojis.
  • Design your community platform as you please. Our Product allows you to plan and create your community keeping in mind your organization's theme and design structure.
  • Our platform allows you to make communities either private, public, or customer-centric or Product centric. This feature allows you to focus and tap into certain segments of your market.
  • Have complete control of the platform with admin-level access.