Premier Educational Institution builds a Community to Centralize & Digitize the Communication

The client

A Premier Educational Institution

Their Problem

The institution faced difficulties in bringing all the major stakeholders, viz. students, faculty and guardians, on one platform, wherein the institution can listen and act on all the issues and valid suggestions made by 5000+ students and their guardians.

Their Goal(s)

To bridge the gap between management and the students & guardians, thereby enabling instant communication of important notifications and updates to all the involved entities through multiple channels, and have better control and flexibility over activities including grievances and queries.

Our Solution

The Avidestal team helped the client set up the community with a database provided by them. Though the DIY platform is simple to use, a knowledge transfer was provided to an internal resource by Avidestal so that the institution could manage the day-to-day activities of the community through a simplified dashboard. Now students, along with their guardians, were on one platform, which made communication hassle-free and, most importantly, allowed the management to reduce the power distance between them and students & guardians. The members had the option to access this community through either a web login or the app.

Their Success

The creation of a community let one resource handle operations which were previously offline and required multiple resources across various teams to collaborate. Time-consuming and often ineffective processes were now shifted online. Members were able to instantly get updates about activities, meetings, results, and timings of tests and classes. The institution has also successfully used the audio and video calling option to communicate with guardians and stakeholders separated by geography


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