An NGO manages its members and content / information being shared in the community with ease with AvidCircle

The Client

An NGO for Environment and Wildlife Conservation

Their Problem

With increasing awareness of environmental issues, the client was finding it difficult to manage the content due to the abundance of information available online and to maintain the ambience of the community.

Their Goal(s)

To build and maintain a community with an active and healthy environment and manage the information being shared by the members.

Our Solution

With AvidCircle, the client can manage its members by profiling them based on various criteria and ensure that only the right members are a part of the community. It lets members raise a flag upon any post or comment if found miscellaneous. Addressing tickets (queries by the members) becomes easy for the client, and sharing of information becomes hassle-free in the community.

Their Success

The client found it easy to monitor the content or information being shared in the community, improving time management. Moreover, all the concerns were being addressed on time, and discussing awareness events became easy with the members.


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