Product & Concept Development

Gone are the days when brands had to develop products in the blind, with zero feedback from consumers to help them through the pain points of the process. With the voice of the consumer becoming louder and more accessible, brands involve consumer feedback throughout the development of their concepts and products. This process has been made extremely simple and quick with our tools. With the click of a few buttons and quick turnaround times, you can:

  • Conduct a basic consumer landscape analysis and understand their expectations.
  • Pain points that consumers experience while using your/ your competitors’ products.
  • Test the consumers’ reaction to new ideas and observe their response to the same.
  • Test the viability of your products and make tweaks as required before releasing it.
  • Optimize pricing by conducting competitor analysis and consumer perception tests.
  • Recognize changes in price sensitivity over time.
  • Understand the size of your target consumers and the need they possess for your solution.