Online Survey Creation & Real-time results

A few years back, obtaining a consumer’s opinion was a laborious and cost-consuming procedure which had to be done in a physical setting. With the advent of technology, it now takes the click of just a few buttons to launch a survey and unlock quantitative research insights - direct from the consumer - on any topic.

Launch surveys with questions pertinent to your business on Avidestal Technologies to:

  • Launch surveys with zero knowledge of survey programming.
  • Plug-in videos, images, and audio files to your surveys to convey your question/ test object clearly.
  • Pick from 12 question types and 8 complex logics.
  • Receive up to 500 survey completes in a day.
  • Track the responses received in real-time.
  • Set frequencies to limit the responses received from specific segments of respondents.
  • Get access to Avidestal’s consumer panel, in cases where you fall short of relevant respondents.