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Avidestal Technologies is a SaaS brand with powerful integrations of research & latest technology, including AI/ML, to provide new-age digital solutions to modern-day research & business challenges. The products of Avidestal are aimed at empowering customer-centric business decisions & helping them reshape strategies. The DIY products provide opportunities for 360-degree insights ranging from digital qualitative suites, panel & project management software, feedback management system, and digital communities to ingenious integration of all these to provide all that modern businesses need. The current product portfolio includes AvidViews, AvidHub, AvidIntelli, AvidCircle, and Me-Grow, each holding a niche in its functionalities.

The products of Avidestal Technologies are well-suited for researchers, marketers, brand custodians, insights-seekers, panel providers, businesses seeking insights & growth, & independent surveyors. Redefining customer engagements & improving outcomes, the products of Avidestal Technologies are developed to meet international requirements and standards, along with features to meet the needs of global clients.

Our vision is to bring technological innovations in the market research industry cost-effectively


To become a brand synonymous with technological innovations and providing foresight through cutting-edge digital tools and software products to organizations for rich data-driven business decisions in real-time.


To partner with brands and make them powerful by providing a holistic view of their consumers/people so that they craft better products & services and go to an extent wherein they can even decipher the latent needs of people, and reach to the highest level of the pedestal in sector or market they operate.

Our mission is to empower businesses by providing them with solutions that bring them closer to their customers

Core Values

Our People – Our Assets:

Our people are united by one common aspiration: To strive and achieve. We at Avidestal Technologies consider our employees to be our most valuable assets and hold high regard for all our employees and their aspirations.

Make, Speak, and Keep Commitments:

We strongly believe in upholding all the commitments made to our clients, thereby ensuring that we deliver without exception. This culture of upholding integrity is hard-coded into the DNA of Avidestal Technologies and exercised at every touch-point with the brand.

Organizational Environment that Fosters Growth:

We are an “equal opportunity employer” with a focus on creating an environment that provides a congenial atmosphere for growth and mutual respect. Under no circumstances are integrity, honesty, and business ethics compromised.

Our Team

Avidestal Solutions currently comprises a growing team of young and experienced professionals working tirelessly towards bridging the gap between brands and their consumers through our suite of technology products.

Meet the dynamic minds driving Avidestal Technologies towards an agile, digital future.

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